Photo Fly Boy offers the following commercial drone aerial photography services:

Consulting, Training.

Aerial Photography

Construction Progress

Aerial Cinematography


Aerial Videography

Powerline inspections


Precision Agriculture

3d Modeling

Data Aquisition


Commercial Drone Aerial Photography, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

First of all, Photo Fly Boy operates legally within the USA.  Every drone-related endeavor is unique.  Contact us with your ideas, and we will create the best digital images and videos for you or your business.  We can also help elevate your online presence with our services.  Send us an email, outline the details of your project, and we will provide you with a fair estimate.

At Photo Fly Boy, we pride ourselves on staying current on all things sUAS and drone-related.  We have already secured our 333 Exemption from the FAA.  When choosing a pilot and crew for your sUAS (drone) project, you, as the employer or customer, need to be mindful in your selection process.  Most importantly, make sure you hire a company that is abiding by all laws and regulations set forth by local, state and federal governments, in regards to everything sUAS (drones).  The drone operator and company is always responsible.  But did you know that you, and your company, are also liable if you employ a drone operator that doesn’t adhere to all laws and regulations?

Part 107 Ruling

The FAA has finally released the long-anticipated final small UAS ruling, 14 CFR Part 107. This rule will take effect August 29th of 2016. Licenses and certifications will be issued after taking and passing the exam.  We have successfully completed the 14 CFR Part 107 exam, and the ALC-451, FAA Safety Team Aviation course.  Photo Fly Boy wants to always ensure that we are abiding by all laws and regulations, doing so will always ensure the safety of everyone involved in the sUAS (drone) operations.

Finally, Photo Fly Boy really wants to assist in making each new digital imaging project a dream that really takes flight.  Therefore, we will always be fair with our rates.  We will also strive to make each job a fun experience, but we will always take our work seriously.  We hope you will trust us to help you with any and all of your aerial needs.

The current guidelines, that have been put in,
place by the FAA, are as follows:

You may not fly within 5 miles of an airport, without authorization

You may fly no higher than 400ft, without authorization

The aircraft must remain within the operators visual line of sight

You may not operate the aircraft in National Parks, Washington DC, and other local laws

Photo Fly Boy has filmed and produced projects for the Bike MS-Sam’s Club Round-Up Ride, and also for the Hire Heroes USA, Race for Heroes 5K. We have also filmed, produced and edited work related videos for companies like Stellar Restoration Services. We recently completed a project for Whiting & Co. Entertainment, and Missouri Valley Environmental. You can see the video we made for their homepage at

Our Mission

Photo Fly Boy will always strive to achieve the most outstanding finished product for all of our clients. We commit to keeping safety and quality our utmost priorities. We will take great pride in every project we commit to.

Thanks for visiting and don't hesitate to Contact us with any questions.!