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Welcome to Photo Fly Boy!

Aerial Dallas Cowboys Stadium Jeep from Race for Hero's Dallas from Garland flood gates at Denison Dam MS 150 MedAssets Drone in flight GoPro in flight Aerial Sailboat GoPro in flight Aerial Boats in Marina Aerial Ballpark in Arlington Dallas from Garland Up close.  Flood gates at Denison Dam, Lake Texom Aerial Downtown Dallas MS 150 start line View out from Denison Dam flood gates Aerial Titan at Six Flags Aerial Six Flags Drone I30 in Rockwall Sun City golf course Aerial golf course green Aerial MS 150 start line Blue Hole


Welcome to Photo Fly Boy! Photo Fly Boy is a UAS / Multi-Rotor / UAV / Drone company.

Our services include:

We will be updating our site soon to expand on the services listed above. We will also be getting a facelift.

Fortunately, we are able to provide any of the services listed above
free of charge, at our discretion. Simply click the Services tab (coming soon) for a request form and select from our options.

We are currently offering our services for free in the United States, as it is illegal, at this time, to provide drone services for commercial applications without a 333 exemption. A 333 exemption allows drones to be used for
commercial use in the United States of America. Their are certain
requirements that must be met to fly UAS/ UAV/ Multi-Rotor/ Drones.

At Photo Fly Boy we strive to stay current regarding the FAA's rules
and regulations as it is changing constantly. Many drone piloted
companies have received their 333 exemption. However, it is also
known that almost all companies provide commercial services
without the exemption. Please make sure, before hiring someone in
the USA, that they can provide the 333 exemption, otherwise, they are
breaking the law, and you could also be held liable.

Photo Fly Boy has filed for the 333 exemption. In the meantime, while
we wait, we are involved with Beta testing for the Federal Aviation
Administrations (FAA) B4UFly app, that was released on August 28th 2015.

Currently, the rules that are in place are as follows:

In the last year, we've been given the opportunity to volunteer our
aerial photography/filming services. The volunteer work included,
MedAssets Race for Hero's, and the Muscular Dystrophy MS1000. We
were pleased to be able to contribute our filming services for such
worthy causes.

The Photo Fly Boy Philosophy:
At Photo Fly Boy, we will always strive to do our best for any and all of
our clients. We commit to keeping safety and quality our utmost
priorities. We will do so with pride and pleasure.

Please visit our Google +, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Also, check out our  YouTube channel. We consistently add new content. Just click on the link to
keep up to date with new developments.

Thanks for visiting and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.!