About Us

About us – Photo Fly Boy is based in Dallas Texas. We have a passion for flying and digital imagery.  Our goal is to always strive to produce the highest quality aerial and ground based videos and photography.  In addition, we are industry competitive in our rates.

Photo Fly Boy offers a wide variety of services.  Hence, we can set your company apart with company and product profile videos.  Also, we can help your firm sell real estate using aerial property photos.  Monitoring a construction site becomes much easier if you employ aerial surveillance.  These are just a few examples of how Photo Fly Boy can assist in taking you and your company to the next level.  While others stay the same, you can be on the cutting edge.

Photo Fly Boy Beginnings

First of all, we are Bob and Amy DeWitt.  We became extremely involved in digital photography in 2000.  Bob bought a Casio QV2000.  It was probably  one of the first mainstream digital cameras to be offered.  That camera had the ability to take 2.1 megapixel pictures, and it had a 3X optical zoom.  It was awesome, so, I got one of my own.  Bob bought a 340 megabyte IBM Microdrive for me because I really loved taking pictures.  It was on from there.

It seems like that was the true beginning of Photo Fly Boy.  Our dreams  began to develop in those moments.  We really enjoyed roaming around, taking pictures.  Also, we had instant gratification due to the ability to manipulate our own photos.  It became a priceless ability.  As a result, Bob and I grew right alongside the industry.  We’ve upgraded our cameras to the Sony Nex 5, and Sony A6000, both coming in at a whopping 24 megapixels.

In the early days, we flew an Align TREX 500 RC Helicopter.  It was a great RC craft, but Bob wanted more.  So, he retrofitted it with a GOPRO Hero.  These days Photo Fly Boy utilizes a DJI Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 camera gimbal, and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.  For ground shots, we use an OSMO handheld camera gimbal with the X5 camera.

Our Mission

So finally, we know every project is unique.  Most of all, your vision will always be our end goal.  Please call or email us with the specifics of your project.  We will give you fair quote and commit to your complete satisfaction.  Therefore, we invite you to visit our Drone Videos and Aerial Photo Galleries and check back frequently, as we are always updating our material.

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