Finding the best drone equipment and dealers can be a daunting task.  So, we at want to share our experience and knowledge of the best resources we have found.  Here are some of our favorite vendors and online product stores and their associated links.  Please bookmark this page and visit us to have an online guide for the best drone go to sources.

One of our favorite online stores is B&H Photo.  We have been shopping with them since 1999.  They always have great prices, good packing, and deliver as promised.  And we can say we have never had a problem ordering from B&H Photo.  We will continue to use them as a go-to source for cameras, cases, lenses, drones, drone parts, etc.  They have free shipping on most orders, and no tax, unless you’re in New York

If you are going to be involved in any type of mapping, PIX4D is the site to help with your specific applications and programs that will help you develop your mapping for construction, mining, agriculture and any other applications you can think of.

DJI Store

Photo Fly Boy currently uses the Phantom 4 Pro as our go-to piece of aerial equipment.  It is the latest offering in the DJI Phantom series.   Photo Fly Boy has come to expect excellent performance from DJI and the Phantom 4 Pro certainly delivers.  DJI describes the Phantom 4 Pro as Visionary Excellence and Elevated Imagination because it is.  Additionally, Frank Wang says it is, “the sexiest drone DJI has ever designed”.  And furthermore, the advancements they have already made from the Phantom 3 serve to only get us more excited, to see what comes next.

Phantom 4 features

The Phantom 4 is capable of precision hovering.  It has an advanced stereo Vision Positioning System(VPS).  Therefore, it can hover without satellite positioning support.  As a result, it makes the drone easier and safer to fly, The VPS also allows instant brake ability.  Also, it will hover when you release the joystick controls.  If however, the hover maneuver is disrupted, the VPS will track the Phantom 4’s movement and return it back to the origination point.

Flying Phantom 4

It’s also important to talk about how easy it is to fly the Phantom 4.  Download the DJI Go app on your iPhoneiPad or mobile device.  Then you simply double tap on the app, and you will be flying.  The Phantom 4 is also able to avoid obstacles with the new Obstacle Sensing System!  Why?  Because no one wants to hit a tree.

Next, is the ActiveTrack feature.  You can pick a target, say a boat or a bike rider, and tap, the app and the Phantom 4 will follow.  Turn on the Moving POI and the Phantom 4 circles the target while your target continues to move.

SportMode is a feature that increases the speed of the Phantom 4 by a whopping 25%!  All the while, it maintains safety and control through the onboard positioning  systems.  Due to the magnesium core, the Phantom 4  has increased agility.  Also, your chosen target subject never needs a band or beacon for the drone to lock on!

The Phantom 4 has a streamlined body.  As a result, it can now fly for 28 minutes.  Consequently, you can take an amazing amount of pictures, and a 30 minute TV show is really only about 22 minutes of footage.  In short, that is an awesome flight time.

Finally, I have to say, our experience with our Phantom 4 has been awesome, so far.  However, I still can’t wait to see what comes next.  Until then, if you get a chance, go out and fly one.  More than likely,  you’ll be hooked for life.