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Photo FlyBoy is a leader in providing commercial aerial videography, and photography

Photo FlyBoy is family owned and operated.  Be secure in the fact Photo FlyBoy employees will conduct your business.  Don’t rely on third-party companies to find a subcontractor for you.  We are here and ready to work for you, no middleman required.

Photo FlyBoy has an arsenal of equipment and experience.  We currently use a DJI Inspire 2 capable of recording 5.2K videos CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes and more!

What does that mean for you?

  • Impeccable safety record
  • Reliability and consistency
  • Downloadable videos and images
  • High-quality video 5.2k at 30fps and 4K at 60 fps
  • Easy workflow for common formats for post-production in filmmaking
  • SDI and HDMI ports support broadcasting at 1080i 50 fps and 720p 60 fps

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Enjoyed working with Bob at Photo FlyBoy on a large building exterior and interior Drone video project. Very easy and flexible to work with. We got tons of terrific usable footage even in the tightest indoor areas I didn't think a drone could be flown

Jim Wikle, CEO @ Young Wikle Creative

I hired to shoot overheads, entrances, and exits of a client's facility for a safety video we were producing. I was not going to be attending the shoot but instructed him as to what I needed over the phone. He was very responsive, dealt with my clients well, and the work was excellent. Exactly what I'd been looking for. I would not hesitate to hire Bob at Photo FlyBoy again.

Steve Whiting, CEO @ Whiting & Co. Entertainment

Professional quality work! I would recommend Photo FlyBoy to anyone looking for a pro to take their business to the next level !!

Chuck Johson, CEO @ Eagle Mountain Roofing

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Capture Stunning photographs and video to showcase your property, place or event.  Step above the competition and show your Wow factor to all your potential and existing customers.

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