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Working with Photo FlyBoy was a real pleasure. I am the Media Specialist for a reputable marketing agency and have worked with many contractors. Bob was among the best in my experience. He is not only an excellent pilot, but also a true cinematographer. You need someone with experience and an eye for composition. You get both with Photo FlyBoy, as well as prompt communication, punctuality, and fast turn-around. Highly recommended!

Eric M., Media Specialist

Enjoyed working with Bob at Photo FlyBoy on a large building exterior and interior Drone video project. Very easy and flexible to work with. We got tons of terrific usable footage even in the tightest indoor areas I didn't think a drone could be flown

Jim Wikle, CEO @ Young Wikle Creative

I hired to shoot overheads, entrances, and exits of a client's facility for a safety video we were producing. I was not going to be attending the shoot but instructed him as to what I needed over the phone. He was very responsive, dealt with my clients well, and the work was excellent. Exactly what I'd been looking for. I would not hesitate to hire Bob at Photo FlyBoy again.

Steve Whiting, CEO @ Whiting & Co. Entertainment

Had a great experience with Bob from Photo FlyBoy! He was able to accommodate a very last minute request for us and got some great shots under difficult circumstances. We really appreciated his hard work to get a great finished product. Plus, the turnaround time was incredibly fast!

Gabby G.

Professional quality work! I would recommend Photo FlyBoy to anyone looking for a pro to take their business to the next level !!

Chuck Johnson, CEO @ Eagle Mountain Roofing

Had not only great experience, but planning on multiple future event usage!

Brad Meeks, CEO @ White Key Training

Film & TV

Aerial Photography for Film and TV has never been easier.  We have the tools experience and knowledge to take any of your video productions to the next level.  With a variety of cameras and drones, we can accommodate your needs and budget.  From low to high-end raw video productions we have you covered.  Finally,  we will add production value to any media project so don’t hesitate and contact us NOW!

DJI S800 in flight

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Cityscape

Aerial photography falls into many categories.  This section is going to focus on just single photographs for marketing.  Adding compelling photographs to your website, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms are imperative.  From single shots to HDR photo’s we have you covered.  We can take multiple photographs of a subject at different exposures and merge them into a single photograph with High Dynamic Range.  What does this mean for you?  Incredible images for you and your clients.

360 Photography

Aerial 360 photography takes advantage of new technology for a more immersive experience.  This format allows you to visualizations to a new level.  Although 360 photography has been around for a while aerial 360 photography is relatively new.  In addition to being able to see in all directions from a single location, we can add multiple hotspots within a single image to display multiple 360 images nested within one another.  See the example here.

Construction Progress

Drone Construction Progress

Construction Progress photography is imperative for the construction industry.  Keep clients up to date with current building progress.  In addition to all cardinal directions, we can capture entire sites using photogramy to merge multiple images into a single comprehensive image.  We also have the technology to reconstruct sites into a 3-D model.

Mapping and Data Acquisition

Mapping and Data Acquisition has far-reaching capabilities for you and your clients.  For planning and development, contour maps can be generated for watershed calculations.  We even have the capability to generate survey grade maps accurate to 1-2cm.  There are a host of applications for this process and you can learn more below.

Drone Mapping


Drone Inspections

We offer a wide variety of inspection services.  From wind turbines, solar panels, power lines, and cell towers.  Reduce the risk and expense associated with traditional inspection methods.  Reach out to us see what custom solutions we can provide you.  We have developed a method for real-time inspections for critical information about your equipment, property, or place.

Residential Real Estate Photography

Drone Real Estate photography

Residential Real Estate aerial photography is necessary for all listings in today’s world.  Don’t get left behind make sure to include stunning aerial shots of all your properties.

Commercial Property Photography

Show your property or listings with an aerial view to highlight the entire property and surrounding community amenities.  This is essential in today’s market don’t get left behind and take advantage of our services.

commercial real estate photography

Company, Property, and Lyric Music videos

Company and Property promotional videos are a great visual representation of your business or what your business sells.  Most people are more inclined to watch a video than read a text description.  Again, a picture is worth a thousand words and can boost your listing to the top in search engines.  Embed a video in your website and gain traction in search results.  Get noticed on the first page of Google.  Check this example type in “History Alive Weekend” in the Google search bar and you will see this video on the first page.  Not only can we create your promotional video’s we can get them to rank.  Just reach out to us and we will put you and your products on the map.  Contact us today!

History Alive Weekend 2016

This is an example of what we can do for your real estate listings.  Take a complete visual tour of listings from interior to the entire property.

The Park At 1788 South

1450 Lodging, LLC. – Phase 1

Here’s another example of a Man Camp in Pecos Texas.  Show your potential clients/customers what they can expect from your property.  For even more information a 360-degree photograph is a great marketing tool.  See the example here!  And finally, video’s can easily rank in search engines for that top spot.  Try for yourself just type in Pecos Man Camp in your browser and see what comes up.  A simple video can fill your lodging facilities in no time.  What are you waiting for?  Get started today!

Jake Ward “Where the Wind Blows” lyric video

Aerial photography can elevate any music video.  Here’s an example of a Lyric video we created for a local Texas artist Jake Ward, featuring one of his new songs “Where the Wind Blows”.

Before & After “First Baptist Church”, Stellar Restoration Project

Before & After “Collin Creek Marina”, Stellar Restoration Project

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Over 20 years of combined photography and videography experience.  Learn more about us here.

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