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Drone 360° Photography brings your projects to life

360° photography although relatively new is one of the most untapped resources marketers have today.  In 1911 a newspaper article quoted Tess Flanders saying “use a picture, it’s worth a thousand words”.  In those days single frame still, shots were the only pictures available.  Nowadays, we have the ability to capture not only what we see when looking into the picture, but also what we would see if we were looking out from the picture.  360 photography gives consumers the ability to become immersed in whatever setting you choose.

Imagine a photo of a cabin on a hillside.  You see it and think that’s very pretty.  But with aerial 360° technology, now you can see the hillside, the flowers in the foreground, and the deck on the back overlooking the stream.  And then you have the ability to go inside the cabin.  It’s an extremely effective way to present your properties and amenities.  Aerial 360° technology gives your consumers the ability to write their own stories, which is worth so much more than a thousand words.

Photo FlyBoy is here to turn your projects into stories that need to be seen.  We can deliver a finished product that can be used on any website or social media platform, viewable on all browsers and devices including cell phones.

Examples of Drone 360° photography projects

Drone 360° photography is a great way to showcase any property or place.  Giving the online user the ability to experience a location without actually physically being there.  Take a look at the example above.  Scroll your mouse down within the picture and find the text “Look Around Inside” and click.  You will then be taken to the interior of the building you saw from above.  Now that you are inside click and drag mouse and look around.  You will find “info” tabs within the 360° view that you can click to get yet another view.  In conclusion, a fantastic way to represent a truly immersive feeling of your environment.  Not all projects need 360 photography to represent your marketing needs so consider good old fashioned photography.  Click here to see more.

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