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Photo FlyBoy is the ideal solution to reduce your operating and maintenance costs from Cell towers, Wind Turbines, Power lines, and Roof Inspection. Our services range from single site inspections to thousands nationwide. Get high-definition aerial imagery and detailed maps of your inspections at a fraction of the cost it takes for traditional inspections.  We now offer real-time analytics to detect problems live!  No need to wait for thousands of images to be uploaded, simply mark detected areas in real-time.  By the end of 2018, we will be offering auto detection of problem areas for all inspections including cell towers, wind turbines, and plant facilities.  To schedule, a real-time demonstration simply click the link below.

Analyze what needs to be repaired after storms quickly and efficiently.  Our high definition cameras can capture extreme details, reducing the risk of injury, recovery time, and expense.  In most cases, we can respond within 24hrs and deliver critical information you need for repairs or safety issues.

Cell Towers

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Roof Inspections

Let us capture any roof for inspection.  We’ll create a surface map of your roof for inspection.  We will fly a grid pattern over your roof at about 20ft above the roof for a detailed bird’s eye view of any damage.  We will merge all the photographs into one orthomosaic map which can measure surface area, and measure distance and area, with extreme accuracy.  You can learn more about mapping here.

Top 5 Benefits of Drone Based Inspections

While drones may be more well-known for aerial photography or hobby toys, they have many other beneficial capabilities. More recently, drone-based inspections have been helping industries improve the efficiency and quality of data acquisition while increasing safety and speed delivery. Drones can provide companies with many benefits and here’s why. 

1. Minimized health risks

One of the most useful benefits of drones is they enable easy and safe inspections of tall and complex structures, especially the inspections of facilities such as oil and gas refineries, flare stacks, and pipelines. Drones can also easily access areas that would be difficult to reach for a human. This is beneficial because drones eliminate the need for workers to physically access these hostile environments where things like height, wind, waves, and radiation can cause accidents or health issues.

2. In-depth data

Another way drones are helpful for inspections is their ability to capture highly detailed, in-depth data. Drones equipped with obstacle avoidance capabilities are able to navigate close structures, allowing them to capture minute details. Camera drones can take high-resolution images or video that will clearly show any cracks, damage, misplaces wires or other defects at evaluations and angles that humans cannot. This allows for the collection of more comprehensive data without exposing the inspection team to risks.

3. Easily shareable data

Drones can be beneficial to a company because they make it easier to share data. With standard software and analytical tools, images and other information collected from a project site can be used to generate reports are easily shared across different sectors. The information can be customized for different industries, making it easier for professionals in any industry to easily interpret and share relevant data.

4. Low insurance costs

Insurance and coverage can be expensive and complicated because manual inspections are risky. Most companies require paying insurance for inspectors and workers before carrying out the tasks. Insurance requirements for drones, however, are minimal and mission-based, hence with much lower costs. The likelihood of an insurance claim is reduced greatly because like we mentioned, the risks of injury are reduced dramatically in a drone-based inspection.

5. Save time and money

Drone inspections can be more efficient because they minimize the high cost and time required to hire and acquire the heavy equipment needed for inspections done by workers. Since drones can help the job get done in less time, it means that you can inspect more assets in one day.

In the past few years, drones have been come increasingly useful across many different industries. While there are many beginner drones that are available on the market, a professional drone pilot will use high quality equipment when working with your business. Companies can utilize drones in their inspections to minimize the health risks of their employees, collect data, and save time and money overall. The capabilities of drones can increase the efficiency of workplaces and help businesses soar.

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